About Us

T-shirts are indispensable. Irreplaceable and timeless.


Wearing an AnaStar t-shirt is quite literally wearing your Middle Eastern self-expression on your sleeve. We are what we wear. We are proud Arabs, citizens of the world, eco-conscious, unique. We are connected. We are AnaStar.


With the right balance of comfort, fit, and high quality, our t-shirts are made with digital savvy and environmental awareness, high quality organic cotton, and packaged in organic, plastic-free materials. Wear them to make a statement. Wear them so you can be you.

In a world where ancient tradition meets 21st century modernity, the Middle East is a rich and vibrant culture in a continuous process of fast-paced change. The blended culture of yesterday and today is incredibly enriching and produces moments, trends, and phenomena that are absolutely beautiful!


AnaStar is rooted in the Arabic culture and designed to express our pride in being Arabs. Our drive is to provide a blend of high-quality, eco-conscious fashion and unique Arabic wisdom and heritage. Our brand provides an ever-growing selection of contemporary designs to keep Middle Eastern pride trending and self-expression accessible.


You are what you wear. You are AnaStar.